In 1999 a new company appeared in the city of Kharkov. It was named LLC Lada-Eurostroy. Professional approach to work, thoughtful steps and ability to listen to the customer, allowed us to fulfill thousands of orders of varying complexity for both organizations and individuals. At the moment the company Lada-Eurostroy is ready to offer you not just a variety of translucent products (metal-plastic windows and doors, aluminum and wooden structures, entrance and interior doors, balcony glazing, winter gardens), as well as COMPLEX SOLUTIONS for your glazing. In the arsenal of “Lada-Eurostroy” there is modern equipment, without which it is impossible to make reliable windows

Business lines of the company “Lada-Eurostroy”

We take responsibility for all the processes that concern the production and installation of windows and doors and can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work!

As a manufacturer of translucent structures, the company takes care of:

  • Architectural appearance, the appearance of your buildings;
  • Rational design and interior inside your premises;
  • Security and operation
  • Service life is more than 25 years;
  • Quick and easy maintenance of windows
  • And many other important elements in the construction, which you can discuss directly in the office of the company

Most people who decide to order plastic windows,do not quite understand what this material is. PVC, it is also polyvinyl chloride, today it is considered one of the oldest synthetic materials. It began to be used back in the 1970s, and was gradually made one of the main components for the manufacture of windows. The service life of PVC exceeds 25 years. During this time the material remains in a beautiful form, preserves color and performs its basic functions. Polyvinylchloride is a thermal insulation material, that is, it does not form moisture. In addition, it does not ignite and prevents the movement of fire.

Leading positions among manufacturers of wooden windows

All euro windows made from eurobrus, which our company “Lada-Eurostroy” produces in its production, high quality with various options for opening (vertically and horizontally, mechanical opening and lifting and sliding). This step allows you to achieve rapid and high-quality ventilation of the premises, which is extremely necessary. We pay much attention to the training of our employees. This allows us to minimize marriages, perform high-quality installation of windows and do everything in strict accordance with the requirements of safety and quality.

Warranty from the manufacturer

Being manufacturers of translucent structures, our specialists are ready to perform warranty and post warranty service and certain types of work.

Among which:

  • Adjustment of plastic and wooden structures;
  • Replacement of broken double-glazed windows, sealant, accessories and components;
  • Elimination of blowing, freezing, condensation in the inter-chamber space;
  • Cleaning and lubrication of accessories;
  • Installation of mosquito nets and additional fittings;
  • Alteration of blind windows in the opening;
  • Changing the ways and directions of opening the doors.

We take responsibility for all the processes that concern the production and installation of windows and doors and can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work! Tell our experts about your apartment, house, bring us the project of your building, and we will do our best to make you feel warm and cozy in your home. Owning advanced technologies, focusing on individual needs, we create a high level of quality of life for our customers!