Accessories for windows and doors, paint and varnish materials

Accessories for windows and doors, paint and varnish materials

What can create the finished appearance of any thing, object or detail? Of course, reliable German components! They play a big role in everything. And the windows in this list will not be an exception. Our company “Lada-Eurostroy” offers exceptionally high-quality windows that are equipped with turn-away (lock) fittings, which will not cause any problems during operation. Most experts are inclined to think that German furniture is the most reliable. Paintwork materials of concern AKZO NOBEL, REMMERS or RHENOCOLL, resistant to environmental influences, the profile of water deflector. Production GUTMANN, protects the exterior of the wooden window for many years.

Reliable German ROTO fittings for windows

Standard windows open in two planes, and this allows you to achieve comfortable use. We install the fittings of the German company Roto on our windows. During the period of operation, 35,000 cycles of opening can be made. This fittings allows you to fasten the sash in several positions, so that the buyer is free to choose the optimal mode of airing the room. The presence of such features makes it possible to achieve the closest fit of the valves to the frame and, therefore, helps to save heat in the cold season, and in summer – to keep the optimal temperature in the apartment or house.

Paintwork materials for euro windows

Eurowindows — are high-quality and reliable windows that are manufactured to European standards. One of the important stages in their manufacture is painting. Regardless of the type and purpose of the room, the paintwork that will be used to paint the windows should be easy to clean, do not accumulate dust and collect static electricity. Modern quality standards also require paints to resist chemical attack and mechanical stress. When processing our windows, water-soluble paints are used, which do not contain solvents in their composition.

The company Lada-Eurostroy LLC processes surfaces with water paints and primers from the leading European manufacturers – AKZO NOBEL, REMMERS or RHENOCOLL. If the elements consist of wood, the priming is done by dipping the part into the solution, and then the paint is applied by spraying.

Well-treated and painted surfaces do not fade in the sun and are resistant to temperature changes. This coating can last several decades.