Wooden windows from eurobrushes

Wooden windows from eurobrushes

Window units are one of the most complex structural elements of any building or room. Its functions include, on the one hand, the isolation of the internal space from external influences, on the other – the maintenance of a natural exchange of air and heat between rooms and the street.

Wood is a unique natural material that has been used for many centuries in the construction of houses and, in particular, when assembling windows. The combination of internal properties of wood and high technologies of its processing makes wooden windows a modern and high-quality product.

Assortment of wooden windows from eurobrus

Our company “Lada-Eurostroy” produces wooden windows with double-glazed windows, wood-aluminum windows, eurowindows. Different styles: classic, ethnic, modern, gothic, Hi-Tech, Techno – embody everything that can only come up and realize to fulfill the wishes of customers. The original forms of non-standard wooden windows – arched, triangular, trapezoid, round, diamond-shaped, semicircular, ellipsoidal – will turn the most ordinary building into a fairy magical castle. The perfect equipment of the enterprise allows manufacturing:

  • Sliding window systems;
  • Colored euro-windows with carvings;
  • Corner windows with shutters;
  • Multi-colored arched windows of the deaf and opening;
  • Windows from the eurobrus with overhead imposts and double-glazed windows with duplex;
  • Windows with white, brown, gold color.

Vacuum paint chambers, creating a paint coating of wood to a depth of 8 mm, allow you to bring the number of layers to 9 – then the wooden windows will have a pristine appearance almost forever.

Used wood for the production of windows from eurobrus

Wooden products in the house – this is the best of everything that makes a person’s life comfortable. Therefore, the company “Your Warm Windows” produces wooden windows made of high-quality wood:

Pine.The most economical material. Modern manufacturing technologies do not allow the unit to deform under the influence of atmospheric precipitation and because of high humidity. Pine structures have a small weight, which allows you to put them in the openings of any size.

Ash. Has the property of high resistance to decay and reproduction of the fungus due to the high content of resinous substances. Also this material is distinguished by a high level of refractoriness.

Oak.Specific approach to the manufacture of wooden windows from oak significantly increases the cost of construction. However, since ancient times, oak frames are distinguished by high wear resistance, durability and elite beauty

The main advantages of using glued eurobrus for windows:

  • The strength of wooden windows from the glued eurobrus is increased by 80%, and the stiffness is 40% compared to similar ones all-wood.
  • Modern dyes reliably protect the tree from decay and the effects of weather and at the same time give the tree a “breathe”.
  • Dyes allow you to emphasize the structure of the tree (coloring “under the varnish” with water-based dyes), and choose any concealed tone and shade of color.
  • Removed all the defects of wood.
  • Due to the small dimensions of the elements of the beam, glued together with different direction of the fibers, internal stresses are removed in the wood and the beam, which makes the products resistant to curving, torsion, bending, cracking.
  • The preforms are dried up to 12% (± 2) of humidity, which corresponds to the norms for our climatic zone.
  • Ability to manufactureCombined timber, When the pine is put on the street, and a noble oak or exotic wood species inside the room

Wooden windows from eurobrus according to your sketches

Owning the production, the company keeps under strict control all the stages of manufacturing the window beam and insulating glass. This makes it possible to construct windows from a tree of all shapes and shapes, to solve all non-standard tasks. Therefore, if customers order the manufacture of windows on their own sketches, skilled craftsmen are ready to perform the most complex orders – for the powerful production of the company there are no technological limitations. Extensive experience of specialists will help to take into account in the manufacturing of ordered windows all individual requirements of customers for size, shape, texture, color. Even the external appearance of the building is taken into account, from the inside and from the inside, so that the window to be installed fits into the overall style. Wooden windows, which are made to order, are developed for each specific option. This means that in the manufacturing process no nuance will be lost sight of: from the place of installation of the window to the conditions of its operation – the dampness of the rain, the scorching summer sun, severe frost.

Caring about the convenience of its customers, LLC Lada-Eurostroy increases the list of its services – all customers can evaluate their wide range. Our company offers the departure of the masters to the site where the windows will be installed in order to make the necessary measurements and consultations. Services for the delivery, installation, installation (dismantling) of window constructions in Kharkov and Ukraine in general, the company produces in the shortest time and at low prices. Being the direct manufacturer of windows from glued eurobrus and cooperating with suppliers without intermediaries, the company conducts such a pricing policy that satisfies all customers – incl. And with minimal financial resources.

The company LLC “Lada-Eurostroy” has been manufacturing windows from wood for more than 17 years. During this time we have acquired a rich experience, a constant staff of skilled craftsmen and a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customer