Laminated plastic windows

Laminated plastic windows

The most common color of plastic windows is white, but colored plastic windows are becoming increasingly popular and today you have the opportunity to order laminated windows of any color from a wide range of colors. The lamination of windows makes it possible to obtain laminated windows with a variety of surface and texture.

Colored plastic windows will be a gift for those who love wood, but the cost of wooden windows is too expensive for them, then plastic laminated windows – this is exactly what you need to buy, because the lamination of windows price is quite affordable. Externally, colored plastic windows are very similar to natural wood, while they have the positive qualities of plastic windows – these are the advantages that lamination of the window profile gives. Of course, if you order colored plastic windows their price will be slightly higher than the cost of white windows. However, there are many reasons to buy laminated windows.

Technology of lamination of windows from the profile Viknaland

The technology of laminating a plastic profile is a rather complex technological process, requiring special attention from the manufacturer, and consists of three main steps: primer priming; Gluing film from acrylic; Careful rolling of the profile over the entire surface on special rollers, which have a different degree of pressing.

If all the conditions are met, the laminated plastic windows will last for a rather long time (at least 20 years) without losing their attractive appearance. Laminates of windows and doors can be made from one or both sides of the profile, if there is a desire to update not only the interior design of the room, but also the exterior facade of the building.
Lamination of windows is one-sided and two-sided. In this case, one-sided lamination can be realized both from the inside and from the outside. In turn, two-sided lamination can be in mass (factory lamination) and not in mass (the ends of the windows will be white).

Advantages of laminated windows Viknaland

Colored PVC windows have a number of undeniable advantages. Many designers prefer this particular window structure. With the help of colored windows, you can realize the most daring ideas for color solutions and interior design, create an absolute combination with exterior decoration of the building. Colored window designs can have different shades from the outside and inside the room. Compared to wood, such units have the following advantages:

  • A rich choice of colors, the ability to use a different film for the internal and external surface of the profile, which will look great both with the facade of your house, and with the interior of the room. The gamma used contains many colors with different textures.
  • Resistant to mechanical influences and the strength of the film, it is quite thick, so it does not break with shocks and is not afraid of scratches.
  • Long service life of laminated plastic windows. Such a profile will effectively serve you 40 and even more years.
  • The profile is resistant to various external influences of the environment, that is, the profile is not.<
  • Absolutely safe and environmentally friendly material, the film has a hygienic certificate, does not contain harmful substances and does not emit toxic compounds, does not decompose in the atmosphere
  • Windows laminated to a tree are not whimsical and do not need special care, they are perfectly suited for dry and wet cleaning, and for washing the frame you do not need to use special tools, a light soap solution and a soft cloth will do. Detergents for washing glasses do not affect the laminating film.
  • Such color windows do not need to color or update the color.

What color of windows to choose? Popular colors of lamination

Of course, what color of windows is better – everyone decides for himself, based on their preferences and design features of the glazed room. The most common are window constructions with lamination, which repeats the texture and shades of various types of wood.

Windows can be red, green, black or simulate metal (for example, silver or gold). If the design of the room requires only orange windows – no problem. The orange-colored windows will be installed as soon as possible. Naturally, handles, hinges and other fittings – should be selected individually to such a special window.

Any color on the installed, colored plastic windows will look a little darker than on the sample film, because it will look in the light.

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