Window of Oak Eurobeam

Window of Oak Eurobeam

Oak for the production of windows and doors has been valued at all times. Tilt-and-turn windows of oak are a natural safe material which can make boast of strength, durability and remarkable texture. Oak windows are often used to give the room a presentable appearance and to emphasize the true taste of the owner of an apartment or a house. Taking into account the high cost of oak, not everyone can afford it, that’s why it is not surprising that this material is associated with luxury and prosperity.
It is important to note that the oak windows will darken gradually, so you will see the new picture every year. As dark the oak windows will become, so the interior will be classic.

Features of a Window of an Oak Eurobeam

Oak windows cannot be cheap. This is due to the complex technological processes of their production and finishing. Only a solid array is for the front part. It is treated with antiseptics, dried thoroughly, surfaced, primed, polished. To dry the oak in natural conditions, you need at least 3 years. Electric drying is used in the production. In this case, one has to keep a lot of nuances; otherwise one can spoil the timber. As a result, a massif of oak dries several times faster, but this affects the value of wood in the direction of its increase. After drying, the oak is impregnated with fungicidal products. Oak has a unique, very beautiful texture. To make it visible, the wood is not painted, but only covered with transparent or translucent varnishes of different shades.

Advantages of tilt-and-turn windows of oak beam

Oak windows not only decorate your interior. They reflect the status, individual taste and style of the owner. Windows made of oak eurobeam retain all the advantages of wooden windows and have a number of advantages:

  • The properties of the material only improve in the course of time, as the tannins that the material possesses exclude the appearance of mold;
  • High density (700-800 kg / m3) of this tree species excludes inside penetration of moisture;
  • Durability of the material at attempt of breaking into by ill-wishers;
  • Beautiful tree structure with expressive texture;
  • Regular maintenance of windows prolongs the service life of the window for decades of years;
  • Oak windows provide good soundproofing, as well as heat and air exchange;
  • The material which is pleasant to the touch creates also a tactile and aesthetic pleasure for the person.

Cost of an oak eurobeam product

Unfortunately, a window made of an oak eurobeam is not affordable for everyone. Why is the oak so expensive? First, the final price is affected by its characteristics. This material is one of the few that can withstand tens of years of active use, does not crack over time, but, on the contrary, becomes only stronger. Besides, the species perfectly tolerates changes in temperature and humidity. Second, the preparation of a beam for a window made of oak requires a special laborious approach. For example, to prepare a beam for use it must be dried for three years or one must use a special expensive electric dryer. Oak frames are manufactured according to modern design solutions. So, for example, a solid mass of wood is impregnated with antiseptics, which protect wood from moisture for many years.

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