Features of Windows of Pine Eurobeam

Features of Windows of Pine Eurobeam

In the production of tilt-and-turn windows made of pine, we use a select beam measuring 78×78 mm. Each layer (there are three layers in general) is glued together into durable and long-lasting lamellas. High resistance to external stimuli is achieved through the use of glue bases that meet European standards. To obtain ready-made lamellas, the beam is carefully processed: all knots are removed from it, deformed areas are removed, as well as places that are damaged by insects.
One can say with assurance that the model beam is almost perfect, without any defects in the end. The moisture content of the billet is about 8-12%, this figure is optimal. All the material is sawed radially, has a uniform structure, color and shape, does not deform with time and has increased protective characteristics.

Features of Windows of Pine Eurobeam

The resininess of this tree is another feature. At the stages of processing the pine beam, the presence of resin prevents drying and cracking of the wood and the resin becomes an excellent antibacterial protection for all residents of the house during the use of finished wooden windows made of pine.
A wide range of color shades of pine beam (from pale yellow to rusty) allows you to freely experiment with an interior design and create wooden windows of a pine array for any taste.
The natural pattern of this species is very nice, and it becomes even more expressive and attractive with the help of modern paints and varnishes. Wooden tilt-and-turn windows of the pine massif are the choice of people who really love their house and take care of it. An unusually pleasant texture, a delicate aroma of pine needles and stunning thermophysical properties of this kind of wood will help you to recreate home comfort with an elegant exterior appearance.

Advantages of tilt-and-turn windows made of pine

Pine has a soft plastic structure, which is inherent in all conifers, so it perfectly yields to cutting tools polishing in the process of making and, as a result, there is a perfectly smooth surface of pine windows.

Wooden windows made of pine have a number of advantages:

  • The softness of the timber combined with its strength makes the process of the material for the production of the frame easy and convenient.
  • Pine windows with double-glassed units do not rot and do not crack, especially after polishing with modern protective coverings;
  • They are protected ideally from moisture and temperature changes.
  • Pine secretes bactericidal substances that contribute to air disinfection. It is important that the pine does not lose these properties even after processing in the process of manufacturing of the window frame.
  • Variety of color solutions.

Pine, like no other wood allows you to create a wide palette of color solutions for the window frame. This is due to the light natural texture of pine, which can change its color in a wide range – from light yellow to almost black after treatment with special compounds, while retaining a distinct structure. A homogeneous color of a wooden window made of pine is also possible. All this allows you to install wooden pine windows in any interior. They will fit perfectly into any style of design and will emphasize the ideas of its creator.

Why you should choose wooden windows made of pine?

The main advantage of windows made of pine is an optimal ratio of price and quality, and the affordable cost of pine windows is not explained by the fact that they have some serious shortcomings. The point is different: pine is the most widespread kind of coniferous trees, which grow in almost all climatic zones and occupy large areas. Logging and processing of pine makes up the bulk of the timber industry, and therefore the prices for pine windows are much lower than for windows made of oak or larch.According to its properties, pine is the most universal type of wood: windows and furniture, the floorboard and the block house for exterior clothing are made of pine. As for density, the pine is much inferior to larch, but due to this, it can easily be treated with water repellent and antiseptic agents (which larch absorbs extremely badly).

Tilt-and-turn windows made of pine and impregnated with modern ecological protective compounds at the LLC “Lada-Eurostroy” acquire an increased moisture-, fire- and biostability, resist the atmospheric influences, the attack by microorganisms and insects.

Do not worry – for many years a pine window will delight your look. New manufacturing technologies make it possible to guarantee the long life of a wooden window. Simple rules of care will allow you to be sure of the flawless appearance of windows. More detailed information on the manufacture and installation of wooden windows you can find out from the managers of LLC Lada-Eurostroy