Wooden Tilt-and-turn Windows with Aluminum Cover

Wooden Tilt-and-turn Windows with Aluminum Cover

The production of wooden windows is a labor-intensive process that requires careful compliance with technology, the availability of qualified specialists, quality material and modern industrial equipment. Due to the computerized equipment of Italy and Germany, as well as the use of modern wood processing technologies, specialists approach each order in the production of wooden windows individually.

Nowadays, wood-aluminum windows, i.e., the tilt-and-turn windows with an aluminum frame on the outer surface of the window, are becoming increasingly popular. Aluminum covering, which does not undergo corrosion and aging, protects perfectly the outer part of the wooden window of the eurobeam from the adverse effects of the environment. Modern powder polymer technologies allow imparting any color to the aluminum covering, this gives designers unlimited advantages and opportunities in designing the appearance of the building using wood-aluminum windows. With the correct application of polymer paint, these aluminum pads are able to serve and delight the eyes for decades without changing their properties and colors.

Aluminum Cover on Wooden Tilt-and-turn Windows

The covering that imitates the structure of the wood and allows obtaining visually the appearance of wood of various species can be applied on to aluminum covering. Profiles of well-known European manufacturers are used for the design and manufacturing of aluminum fittings in the production of wood-aluminum windows, there are also ordered arched elements there, which are not uncommon in cottage building.

The lining is fastened to the tree with standard fasteners, which do not disrupt the work of the wood-aluminum window construction and allow it to withstand all the necessary dimensions and gaps, and provide ventilation to the outer surface of the wooden window. The outer side of the wooden frame is completely covered with aluminum covering, it gives reliable protection of the wood from the influence of natural factors such as sun, wind and atmospheric precipitation.

Due to such a combined design, the operating time of the window is significantly extended, but the construction has a design of a classic wooden window from the inside. Besides, the aluminum coating increases the already high resistance to the heat transfer of the wooden beam. The window looks very neat, stylish and modern outsides.

Advantages of Windows with Aluminum Covering

Wooden-aluminum window constructions are wooden frames with an aluminum frame on the outer surface and double-glassed units, which are usually used in traditional plastic windows. In fact, the construction is a wooden double-glassed unit with an external aluminum profile.
The advantages of wood-aluminum constructions are:

  • Naturalness, ecology and natural beauty of the tree;
  • High parameters of soundproofing and heat-saving;
  • Durability due to the introduction of advanced technologies for wood processing and protection provided by aluminum mortar which are not a subject to aging, corrosion, or any other adverse effects of street factors;
  • The most diverse color making of windows due to the powder covering of polymers;
  • The ability to make aluminum virtually invisible against the background of the tree, giving its surface an identical with wood appearance or on the contrary to distinguish it as a decorative frame.

Functionality of wood-aluminum windows

Today, windows with aluminum fittings are the most popular both in Europe and Ukraine due to their functionality. The outer side of the window is closed in the aluminum profile; it increases significantly the period of their use, and also relieves the owner of the product from the need to refresh the paint or varnish on the outside of the window every few years. The aluminum coloring has a decorative function now: it is offered in different colors. To form a wood-aluminum window from oak, the principle of facade glazing is used, i.e., the double-glassed unit is placed between the oak frame and the metal cover, which is attached with special clips and can be easily dismantled, if it is necessary to change the double- glassed unit.

Wooden windows of the company LLC “Lada-Eurostroy” can perfectly fit into the classic interior of the room and the modern exterior of the building at the same time! Such windows with glued beams and aluminum fittings perfectly complement your office, furnished in retro style and located in a state-of-the-art office building.