Combined wooden windows

Combined wooden windows

Combined windows have merits of different materials and the main demerit which limits their use nowadays is their cost. Combined wooden windows are full-fledged wooden windows but with the use of different species of wood. It is made exclusively because of beauty and economy of valuable wood species.

The first variant which is widely-spread is pasting together the very window beam of different wooden species. For example, the external and middle layers of lamella are made of pine tree of the sort A and the external layer which we can see being in the room is an oak lamel of the sort AE, i.e. of the highest sort lux, not joined in length. The task of visualization of “real” oak windows is completely solved in this case. The saving in the expired costs is also considerable. The second variant is veneered windows where a pine glued window beam with the finishing of veneer of valuable wooden species is used. It is also a quite saving variant. Veneering is possible just outside premises, it will be correct for the durability of the wooden window as a whole.

Demands for Combined Wooden Windows

The demand for products with combined sorts of timber is increasing constantly. The quantity of supplying companies which offer delivery of windows made by leading world producers and the further their installation is increasing together with this demand. Natural products cannot be cheap. The cost of wooden tilt-and-turn windows is quite different from usual plastic windows, moreover they are more expensive.

Combined tilt-and-turn wooden windows must:

  • Have a high-quality profile that does not include the core of the tree. The profile must consist of several glued tree fragments. There should be no inclusions of knots.
  • Finished in a special way. The applied impregnation prevents early drying, as well as premature failure of the product.
  • Have well-fitted and finished joints.
  • To withstand several decades of operation with the proper treatment.
  • Be equipped with a reliable double-glassed window. It is better to choose imported products, as Russian double-glazed windows may not always meet the increased requirements for quality of products.
  • Ensure a low loss of heat, have good soundproofing and prevent rainwater from entering the room. These features are provided by installing a double-glassed unit with several cameras in the window.
  • If necessary, be equipped with a special anti-impact film (see the article on the triplex system) or various kinds of gratings on windows..
  • Be equipped with high-quality accessories of well-known manufacturers. These include products of the company Roto.

The low cost of combined wooden tilt-and-turn windows should alert the consumer. Of course, various sales and special offers for windows are good, but it is better to ask about the reasons for the price reduction.

What the Cost of a Combined Wooden Window Consists of

The cost of the window consists of many factors: the quality of the material, its appearance and size, additional “bells and whistles” and, of course, the installation of combined wooden windows.

Let’s list the main factors affecting the pricing of the wooden tilt-and-turn windows:

  • Species of wood, which were used in the process of manufacturing a combined window profile. The quality / price ratio remains for representatives of coniferous species. Larch, ash or oak are mostly used in production of elite windows, so they are more expensive.
  • A double-glassed unit. The cost, put into its creation, consists of the number of cameras and the type of installed glass.
  • Fittings. Many things depend on the manufacturer’s fame. The shape of the handles in the quality fittings, the smoothness of their work and the reliability of the mechanisms are thought out to the smallest details. All this also affects the final cost of the products.
  • Installation. Nowadays it is better to entrust the installation of wooden tilt-and-turn windows to representatives of the companies working with the delivery and installation of windows, rather than contacting third-party craftsmen. The correctness of the performed work and the strict adherence to the technology defined by the GOST concerning installing windows are the key to obtaining a quality result.

Choosing a manufacturer of combined windows, what to pay attention to

With all the richness of the choice of companies involved in the supply and installation of plastic tilt-and-turn windows, there is a minority of companies that deal with their wooden analogues. In addition, if you intend to buy tilt-and-turn windows of a combined eurobeam, it is necessary to choose from the existing suppliers the best ones, because buying and installing a natural window costs the buyer significantly more than a plastic one. That’s why, it is so important to choose the best manufacturers and distributors.

At the final choice of the company, in which it is planned to buy wooden windows, please note that all available products must have appropriate certificates confirming the quality and environmental friendliness of the products supplied. Also the age of the company plays not the least role – it is unlikely to last in the market for a long time without quality supplies and good services. It is worth to order wooden window sills with combined wooden tilt-and-turn windows; they will form the final view of the window. This should be done immediately when ordering windows, because the shade of wood in different parties is very likely to be different, it will not allow you to choose the desired wooden products in tone.

Year by year, people are giving more their preferences not to plastic, but to natural wood. The issue is not only about the appearance but also advantages which wooden tilt-and-turn windows have. Reviews about the quality of natural products speak for themselves – the best result will be guaranteed with the correct installation of windows from the combined eurobeam.

Stopping your choice on the combined window, you, of course, take a step forward in the matter of strengthening the window, increasing its safety and aesthetics. However, it is recommended to soberly assess their capabilities and needs, as the cost of combined windows is an order of magnitude higher than that of metal and plastic windows and aluminum windows.