Wooden tilt-and-turn windows

Wooden tilt-and-turn windows

After a rather long period of plastic windows, wooden tilt-and-turn windows are coming into our life. People come back to the things which are traditional and which quality has been checked by many of years. Our company has been engaged in production if window constructions in Kharkov for more than seven years and we can prove the dynamics of increasing demand for such windows. Wood remains invariably a leader among other natural materials due to its unique features:

Environmental friendliness – this material is exclusively naturally and meets all the demands placed on natural materials as much as possible;

Decorative value – wood does not require additional decorative finishing, its texture and color make it a wonderful finishing material by itself;

Aesthetic qualities – wooden elements in design will necessary add some luxury and chic to design. Not every natural and artificial material can do it.

Wooden tilt-and-turn windows’ production has become not just a fashion statement. Such production satisfies the customers’ aspiration to surround themselves with wonderful and qualitative things. Just picture to yourself how much the premises’ interior will change if window openings are decorated with warm gold of natural wooden details framing the picture of the outside world instead of dull and lifeless plastic frames.

Wooden Tilt-and-turn Windows

The main wood species used while producing wooden tilt-and-turn windows in our region are traditional pines and oaks. Their light-colored wood with a nice pattern fits well into an interior of any style, becoming sometimes the main detail of the décor. Besides usual and the most asked-for wooden species, it is possible to make a window of any other wood species on a by-order basis.
The own production allows coming up to expectations of a customer that’s why there are no restrictions in the choice of a product range and raw materials range.
Independent production of wooden tilt-and-turn windows in Kharkov allows expanding the range considerably. Existence of own woodworking equipment enables to produce not only standard rectangular windows.

A customer has a possibility to order wooden tilt-and-turn windows of different configuration – from multiangular to round. Unique shapes of window frames can become a special appeal in your house. Due to individual design of our windows, you will be able to create a non-ordinary house where it will be comfortable for you to live. According to experts, the fashion for window made in accordance with European technologies is just growing in Ukraine and European countries; it means that this niche in the market is not still occupied enough.

Wooden Tilt-and-turn Windows with Double-Glazing

High quality of wooden tilt-and-turn windows is reached by sticking together the frames of three layers of wood the fibers in which are placed perpendicularly to each other. Due to this fact, the frame does not warp and deform. The double-glazed window of a tilt-and-turn window is assembled with the use of a compactor proving a solid fixing of the glass, absence of holes, and quality of connections. The accessories used for this type of windows not only allow expanding their functionality, but it is also a decorative finish of every one. And different types and shapes of attachable equipment will be used in different models.

When the whole country enjoyed plastic windows, most consumers, guided by fashion, paid little attention to quality. People wanted to buy good windows at a favorable price. Although there were no tilt-and-turn windows yet. There were plastic windows which were produced according to new technologies with adding of lead. Soon the customers started to tell each other terrible stories about poisoning and ruined health. Indeed, banal laziness and unconcern were the reasons for it. Plastic windows do not breathe on their own, so there was no ventilation in the premises. And why not open the window and remain the room in the airing mode? But most people were not ready to waste the precious heat. As a result, ARVI, influenza and other medical cases increased. And when the customers who had arranged plastic windows began to complaint about headache and insomnia, all the blame was shifted on to plastic windows which gave off noxious fumes allegedly. And the reason was obvious – the lack of oxygen was a reason for illnesses.

However, our people will not learn soon to open the windows for airing room going for a work. Partly, it was the reason for appearing of safety breathing wooden tilt-and-turn windows in the market which are of excellent quality and are safety. And they are not worse in sound and heat insulating quantities than plastic windows. They say, there is a great demand for windows of glued beam in Europe nowadays. They are natural and ecologically friendly; the most important thing about them is that they allow people not to follow air in a flat. i.e., windows of glued beam favor air circulation in winter. Is it worth to say that it is not enough for airing room? But that’s that: if the customer is used to save heat, no logical evidence will make him open the window for airing the room.

In the past, the problem concerning air circulation through windows was solved by itself. Windows were made of wood at that time; they let cold air come in. One had to caulk seams, to push wadding into them and seal them up with paper. And now the general craziness about natural materials has caused the demand for tilt-and-turn windows. Though, going by that logic, they excel vinyl windows at many characteristics. The myth about danger and toxicity is partly actual but it is not quite so.


Prices (cost) of Tilt-and-turn Windows

If you have estimated all the advantages of wooden tilt-and-turn windows, the price must finally persuade you to buy it. In spite of an established opinion that all the natural things cost too much, we sell our windows at affordable prices. It does not only compete with the cost of plastic analog of our production. Certainly, prices for tilt-and-turn windows of natural wood can be several times higher than for plastic analogues. It is connected with the higher cost of the wood in comparison with PVC. Our prices which we can offer you are more reasonable because all the products are made on our equipment, mostly of domestic raw materials with the use of accessories and other materials which are given to us by local suppliers. Due to such production organization, we can offer our customers tilt-and-turn windows the cost of which will not damage their budget.

To buy Tilt-and-turn Windows

The quality of our products will present your house with clear clean windows for many years, through which you will see all the world’s colors. You can order wooden tilt-and-turn windows by your preference; you can choose any shape, color and decor. We will be able to realize any of your wishes because we can provide windows’ production of any raw materials, configuration and construction. A surprisingly comfort microclimate will be created in your house and it will provide your family’s health. We do not just sell tilt-and-turn windows; we suggest creating together the unique world of your house where it will be comfortable and pleasant to live. You need just to buy tilt-and-turn windows, you will get all the rest in the set. Every material used for production of windows has both its advantages and disadvantages. Combined windows help to take all the benefits of every material and conceal the disadvantages.

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