Sliding metal-plastic constructions

Sliding metal-plastic constructions

Standard swing-and-tilt windows and doors give place to new, more functional and ergonomic in the interior sliding metal-plastic constructions. A large number of sliding constructions’ types allows using them for installation in a flat, country house, entertainment center, office buildings; it is possible to choose the variant for any interior. The advantage of sliding metal-plastic constructions is space saving with the opened leaf; it is especially important for small flats and cottages. Making of floor-to-ceiling windows is possible with the help of sliding metal-plastic constructions, it is actual for commercial properties, and for example, a usual room in a restaurant can be turned into an opened summer veranda in the out-of doors with the help of sliding constructions. It is easy to open such windows and they provide free space, it is especially actual with a large area of glazing. We use German accessories ROTO PATIO for producing sliding constructions.

Types and Work Capacities of Sliding Constructions

Sliding constructions differ in a type of opening and also in heat insulation degree depending on using furniture and profiles. Nowadays there are several options of sliding glazing:

An inclined and slide system

НAn inclined and slide system will help you to open the premises entirely and not take much place in the open position. There can be one or two opening flaps in the system. They are completely airtight and are easy-to-handle despite their heavy weight. An inclined and slide system will be decoration both for classic and ultramodern interior. This system is ideal for glazing balconies, exits to terraces, winter gardens.

A shift and slide systemа

A shift and slide system is a perfect option when it is necessary to close a window opening of great sizes. Due to constructive decisions, leaves shift in the directions easily. The contour locking system guarantees an absolute construction’s tightness. The construction can be made with an added electric drive of the company. An electric drive will make it possible to open and close the leaf and also to put it to the air condition mode. A shift and slide system will be ideal for an exit to a balcony, terrace, opened café’s or restaurant’s grounds.

The sliding system of the type “accordion”

Due to constructive decisions, all the elements of the doors of the type “accordion” can be shifted in different sides with different combinations making the window opening not closed. This construction can be made without a threshold. A sliding system of the type “accordion” will decorate both classic and ultramodern interior. This system is ideal for exits to balconies, terrace, opened café’s or restaurant’s grounds. Sliding doors “accordion” enjoy especial popularity when country houses and cottages are designed.

Advantages of Sliding Windows

Most modern people prefer to see in their balconies trendy, elegant windows with leaves moving relative to each other. Free moving along the loggia or a balcony when the window openings are not closed, an effective use of every centimeter of a useful area and also reliable protection of a flat from precipitations, dust, mud and uninvited guests – the advantages of sliding constructions are obvious! Sliding windows for a balcony are quite attractive including for amateur floriculturists who prefer to place a large number of plants onto windowsills.
The system of window opening is like a sliding door wardrobe system, and it gives a possibility not to move flowerpots when the room is aired and not to injure green decoration. Hereby, the main advantages if sliding windows are:

  • Space saving. Both metal-plastic and aluminum sliding windows allow using the space more freely and rationally.
  • The high light transmission. Sliding windows can have leaves up to 2 meters in width and up to 3 meters in high. It allows you to put large double-glassed windows in them and reach an architectural effect;
  • Reliability and durability. Steel rollers and rollers made of other high-strength material serve as a solid basis for window openings of any sizes that’s why sliding windows keep right geometry during decades of years.

Window openings’ sagging cannot take place because of the very accessories’ structure: a window opening usually has two supporting points under it. Sliding windows are rather expensive because of qualitative profiles’ and fittings mechanisms’ price. But comfort and safety sometimes are of great importance, so the demand for this type of windows is increasing gradually.

Production of Plastic Sliding Products

Proper functionality of any sliding construction is based on its correct making and perfect keeping the technology of the installation. Sliding windows and doors belong to complex systems based on the interaction of different mechanisms.


The company “Lada Eurostroy” offers production and fitting of sliding systems on the basis of the window profile Viknaland. The use of exactly this profile increases solidity, rigidity and immunity to wind loading of sliding constructions in comparison with the similar designs of their PVC. Our company can offer you a great variety of sliding windows or entrance panels on the basis of solid and time-proved famous producers who put together the things; there is also a first-hand warranty from the producer of translucent constructions.

Tilt-and-turn window production the production technique of which is a concentrate of centuries-long experience makes it possible for a customer to buy production which excels all the preceding variants in functionality and functional performance. Modern window systems give a possibility to protect your house from external noise and dust providing comfort use of different functional capacities of a window.

Exquisite sliding constructions from LLC “Lada-Eurostroy” – a qualitative transformation of any room, as well as the appearance of your house. You can order the manufacture and installation of sliding windows and balconies by phone on the company’s website.