Profile systems VIKNALAND

Profile systems VIKNALAND

The window PVC of the Ukrainian specialized systems Viknaland are adapted at most to climate conditions in Ukraine (diurnal temperatures, thunderstorms, snowfalls, winds, thaws and frosts) and provide stable and qualitative protection of premises from any atmospheric influences.

Viknaland profile is modern and reliable metal-plastic constructions meeting all the actual window market’s demands. They are produced on modern European equipment of high-quality raw materials and completed by leading Ukrainian and world manufacturers.

Viknaland profile is represented by two systems providing ample opportunities for creating comfortable and safety conditions in premises, heat protection and soundproofing. Technical and price characteristics of profile systems Viknaland in combination with attractive and aesthetic exterior design allow people to apply them for production of safety metal plastic windows and doors in buildings of any type and purpose.

Production and Quality of the Viknaland Profile

Window systems Viknaland have significant advantages which distinguish them in the modern world of metal plastic windows. Profile systems are made of environmental friendly raw materials of high quality and the suppliers are the leading world producers from Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the USA. The German equipment which is also a leader in the world market of producing profiles for metal-plastic products is used for production of the windows Viknaland. Windows Viknaland are the full profile systems Brokelman and Köning of the 5-chamber and 4-chamber variants accordingly.

Advantages of PVC constructions from the profile Viknaland

The system of window profiles Brokelman has excellent characteristics in thermal insulation and soundproofing, and it means that metal-plastic windows will be fit for use perfectly and for a long time.

  • Hi-tech window systems Viknaland are PVC products of a new generation and are produced using new technologies. Modern recipe and strong keeping the manufacturing conditions allow us to affirm that Viknaland PVC profiles are ecologically clean and therefore they are harmless;
  • The system has a significant advantage in heat protection and soundproofing in comparison with three-chamber PVC profiles;
  • The geometry of the PVC profile has a special hardware groove allowing the installation of fittings with anti-burglar properties;
  • Weatherstripping in the windows Viknaland is made in the way that it does not go dry, crack, it does not decrease in size and provides long-term tightness;
  • The constructions have low thermal conductivity and at low temperatures the can maintain the optimal temperature conditions for creating comfort in the house;
  • The service life of PVC profiles Viknaland is designed for several decades. At the same time, they do not lose their qualitative characteristics, keep their aesthetic appearance, are reliable and also have high functional properties;
  • The system of the PVC profiles Vikland gives a possibility to install both one-chamber and two-chamber double-glassed window depending on the required level of soundproofing and heat insulation;
  • PVC profile Viknaland allows the use of laminating films of different manufacturers;
  • They do not require painting, keep the surface glossy and smooth for a long time, do not lose their color.

Production of Windows and Doors From the Profile Viknaland

Windows Viknaland (Brokelman) are produced with the help of the latest technological innovations and on the qualitative equipment; it allows producing metal-plastic windows for different purposes of the customer meeting all the requirements and having high functionality. The maximum automatization is carried out at the factory. The quality control system of the finished products works constantly here. The LLC “Lada Eurostroy” has good experience in the field of production of metal-plastic windows. Success of its work is accounted for by high professionalism of the company’s workers, whose staff has not practically changed for the whole period of working. And it speaks a lot. The absence of employees’ ” turnover” testifies the well-coordinated work of all the workers who have been working in this field for many years and the accumulated practical experience.

Having ordered metal-plastic windows and doors you will be able to see for yourself the excellent quality of translucent structures from the profile of Viknalend. Windows Viknalend is a guarantee of high quality, It’s longevity, it’s beauty, it’s comfort and comfort in your home.