Non-standard constructions from metal-plastic

Non-standard constructions from metal-plastic

Unique plastic windows of non-standard sizes are products whose shape differs from typical PVC window and door that are installed in modern residential and business buildings. Forms for round, diamond-shaped, three-cornered and trapezium-shaped openings are among such windows. Having its own production, the LLC “Lada-Eurostroy” is ready to offer you non-standard plastic windows during producing of which a PVC profile of high quality Viknaland is bent according to a special technology acquiring the necessary shape.

Types of Non-standard Plastic Windows

PVC windows having design which differs from a standard rectangular construction can be classified in dependence to the geometry into following categories:

Arched windows. It is a decision for lovers of the antique.

The round parts of a window consist of two interconnected arches. Generally, such designs are used in designer projects to create a unique interior. Making an arched form of a PVC window is not a new fashion tendency. This style was used in the Middle Ages and made a claim about itself with renewed vigour as art nouveau in the beginning of the XX century.

The main types of arched windows are:

  • semicircular (the constructions are typical of architecture of Christian churches );
  • lancet windows (can be found in Gothic cathedrals );
  • Moorish windows (their design is like a horseshoe).

The peculiarity connecting the three types of windows is a round upper part which is usually a separate part and does not open. Although one can meet full-designed constructions. Their lower rectangular and upper half-round parts are connected into a full viewing zone. Non-standard constructions can freely be used in different modes (permissible manipulations are identical to a usual PVC window).

Trapezium – Functionality and Simplicity.

Post-war buildings look often unpleasant enough against the background of the near landscape design and new facades. Old buildings created in haste after the war are not the proud of their owners, moreover they spoil the general view by the false construction of window openings. Soviet architectures tried their hand at modern design giving the windows and balcony niches complex angular shapes.

It is not difficult to make a non-standard type of a window of PVC material, the main thing is to estimate beforehand if the future construction will endure dynamic loads. It is also recommended to specify acceptable parameters of the parts: light and heat transmission, soundproofing and other static data, loads on the construction. It is quite possible that you will have to correct the designer’s project by changing the angle of the frame’s convergence. Application of constructions of non-standard shape is typical of such architectural styles as art nouveau, high –tech, eclectic. But it is the most common for minimalism. The product’s configuration let a designer create a special exterior of a building and single it out of usual grey buildings.

Bay Windows – Accuracy is Above All!

A bay window is another non-standard shape of a window where several various layouts and false bindings the fastening of which is made by a specially prepared glue composition can combine at the same time.

It is necessary to provide carefully parts’ fitting in the joint places for making PVC windows of non-standard shapes with false bindings. The design becomes aesthetically attractive and perfect after it. The product’s complexity will just emphasize its owner’s personal touch.

Non-standard Plastic Windows’ Production

Non-standard windows’ production requires more resources and time. The process of their production is more effortful and requires the use of additional equipment. That’s why plastic windows of non-standard shape cost more expensive in a way in comparison with usual windows but despite this fact they enjoy popularity because they let accentuate the architectural style of a building, add some originality to it. Nowadays city architecture is becoming much more various, the times of the typical building-up remain in the past. Modern buildings have not only a standard rectangular shape but also can have a shape of a cone, cylinder, polyhedron or polygon. Building of non-standard objects requires a special attitude to their glazing. Windows can be of any shape and color. The list of options is almost unlimited– everything depends just on your imagination.

Peculiarities during the production of non-standard windows:

  • While producing round opening windows one need to provide an impost additionally in order to fix hinges on it.
  • The windows which are of a triangular shape should consist of profiles connected at an angle of at least 30°.
  • The minimum width of an archwise window must be 700 mm.
  • When making polygonal wooden frames, it is necessary to take into account that the degree of external angles should be not less than 25 °.
  • Windows of an unusual shape can be not only blank windows. If required, they can include opening or swing-and-tilt mechanisms – everything is as in a usual window!
  • When non-standard windows are projected, wind and steady loads are estimated, spreading of which takes place not like in standard situations.

When ordering plastic windows on the site, a specialist comes out who performs high-precision measurements of the window openings, evaluates the wall openings and coordinates the possible options for the execution of the structures. The manufacturing time of such PVC windows increases in comparison with the usual rectangular profile. Also, custom windows on order are more expensive due to the high complexity of production. The price is calculated individually for each client and is determined by the specifics and complexity of the project.