Plastic entrance and interior doors

Plastic entrance and interior doors

Are you doing the renovation and have decided to refresh the balcony or loggia? Or are you preparing a new office? Then you will undoubtedly need new doors. We recommend considering buying high-quality doors made of PVC-profile. Entrance plastic doors that had only appeared on the market were used mainly in shops, administrative and public buildings. Then such doors began to be used as balcony doors, and they were made using window technologies. Today, metal-plastic doors confidently occupy positions in the residential sector as entrance and even interior constructions. And this is due to all the advantages that the entrance plastic doors have.

Varieties of Plastic Doors

The entrance doors made of plastic are an excellent alternative to the classic ones. They look great, are not afraid of moisture and frost. They are equipped with anti-burglary systems of various classes, depending on the requirements put forward. Usually, they have more powerful locks with lock bolts and a sturdy profile with liners made of steel that withstand heavy loads and shocks. Such doors can be placed at the exit to the street or at the entrance to offices inside buildings. The prices for plastic doors in Kharkov are quite affordable and democratic – to find them, call our manager or make an order directly from the site.

Balcony systems usually come “paired” with a PVC window unit, which ensures high reliability and practicality of the entire structure. As a glazing, two or three-chamber a double-glassed unit is used that reliably protects the room from cold, wind and extraneous noise. The door and the block can be of different colors – it all depends on the wishes of the customer.

Interior doors are the simplest – they serve to isolate the interior from interference and noise. They are made from a light, durable profile, are usually equipped with a locking handle and can be used in residential, industrial, commercial and technical premises. For the design purposes, they can be decorated with glass inserts or whole fire-hard glass of various shades and textures.

Selecting a Metal-plastic Entrance or Interior Door

When choosing a suitable gamma, consider that the door is a stationary element in the room, like walls and windows; it is hardly worth looking for the color that will break out of the overall style.

  • For a classic office or business space, a glass with matte decor, neutral pastel colors or classic black and white combination are suitable.
  • For houses and suburban housing, the natural color of wood with the usual texture is an excellent choice. Such doors will not only be a functional element, but will also contribute to the comfortable atmosphere.
  • If you are looking for sliding plastic doors for an art nouveau cafe, an entertainment center or a point of sale, then Viknaland profile laminates or the rich palette of RAL colors are just for you, with a wide choice of models and shapes.

Regardless of the complexity of the request, we always have what to offer to each client. All models are individual in production, but they all have a high quality profile Viknaland, manufacturer’s guarantee and long service life. Buying plastic entrance doors or interior doors from us, you give yourself comfort and reliability for decades.

Advantages of plastic doors

The most common sphere of using PVC doors is the balcony structure. However, due to their high performance characteristics, the plastic entrance and interior doors provide a decent competition for wooden and metal ones. They are more and more often installed in private homes, apartments and offices.

  • Reliability, durability, resistance to temperature loads. Plastic constructions do not deform even under the influence of tough external factors and are successfully exploited in the conditions of the Russian winter.
  • High degree of sound proofing. Outside noises from the street will not get into the room, providing the conditions for sleep or work.
  • Uncomplicated care. Plastic does not require special treatment, does not absorb fat, dirt and dust, and it is easy to clean. Therefore, plastic doors are often installed in polyclinics, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other institutions, where it is especially important to maintain cleanliness constantly.
  • Resistance to increased humidity. This quality of plastic doors allows you to install them in bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas.
  • Variety of shapes, colors and textures. A wide range of plastic doors allows you to choose easily the option that will look harmonious in your interior.

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