Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Modern interior doors are not only a constructive necessity for any room, but also a beautiful and elegant addition to the finished interior. The company Lada-Eurostroy LLC offers to buy interior doors both wholesale and retail, from one of the best manufacturers. Often, the purchase and installation of interior doors are postponed “for later”, not wanting, as many think, to prematurely spend the budget laid for major repairs. As a result, cost overruns in the first stage of repairs, as it happens, force to buy inexpensive doors. Meanwhile, money can and should be saved. The modern range of interior doors allows you to optimize your purchase and get a high-quality result even with a limited budget. You can buy cheap interior doors in Kharkov if you pay your choice not only with money, but with your own time. To make the right choice, you will inevitably have to spend time both searching and studying the characteristics of various interior doors.

Selection of interior doors

Own production is the main condition for the rich choice and excellent quality of Lada-Eurostroy products. All the main categories of wooden interior doors are presented in our catalog with photos, technical characteristics and prices. Any leaf can be made in non-standard sizes.

Interior doors with a coating of ecological veneer: at the low cost of the material, its appearance equals that of natural one. The doors covered with ecological veneer are notable for original design and durability.

Interior doors with the laminate coating are characterized by high functionality, excellent appearance and minimal price. The strength of the protective layer ensures a long service life of the product and makes it easier to care for it.

Veneered doors — are one of the most solid interior solutions. Noble simplicity of natural material ensures the popularity of this option at all times. Excellent performance is the result of modern technology of processing and varnishing.

Any door leaf can be bought not only in wing, but also in sliding design (including a coupe) or in the form of a rotary door. We are constantly working on updating the collection, supplementing it with current models. You can buy high-quality interior doors from a file, and also non-standard and innovative systems, including sliding partitions.

Purchase of interior doors

Purchasing doors for home or office from us, the customers get several important advantages at once:

  • The company LLC Lada-Eurostroy does not only supply standard models in the finished version, but is also always ready to perform an individual design development taking into account the dimensions of the doorway, interior features and personal wishes of the customer. At the same time, we guarantee adequate terms for the manufacture of constructions and prompt delivery.
  • On our website, all models of doors from unique collections are presented with the possibility of execution in several dozen variants of color execution. You can see the catalog and consider each product more closely in our company salon in the city of Kharkov.
  • Employees of the company Lada-Eurostroy are true professionals in their field. They are always happy to help with the choice of an ideal door and interior design for a particular room and interior and to advise on all questions of interest.

Each interior door is made of proven modern materials and is characterized by high strength, durability, resistance to deformation and negative environmental influences. The finishing of the doors for a house is made using the best technological developments –German thermoplastic and polymer material, which in its appearance imitates the surface of natural wood. Our products are environmentally friendly, hygienic and safe in everyday life and stand out for impeccable quality of every detail. All door constructions are practical and convenient to use and can reliably last for several decades. Besides, the products do not lose their geometric shape and color saturation, do not require repairing, restoration or replacement.

Advantages of interior doors from the company “Lada-Eurostroy”

The company Lada-Eurostroy LLC sells reliable and spectacular interior doors in a wide range, among which there is certainly a suitable option for you.

  • Excellent service .We value and respect our customers, providing them with all amenities and a high level of service.
  • Professionalism . Our company has rich experience and has been working in its field for more than 17 years. All the employees of Lada-Eurostroy LLC are real professionals who know everything about interior doors.
  • Free consulting. If you have any questions about the choice of doors, our specialists will help you to make sure you purchase exactly what you need.


We carefully take care of the quality of the supplied interior doors, monitor the process of their manufacture, provide a long-term guarantee for the products. As a result, you get the perfect combination of price and quality, the door from the manufacturer, which will please you for a long time and will perfectly fit into the interior of the house.